The Integrative Model of Harmonization of the Activities of a Professor and a Student in Conducting an Educational and Field Practice and Its Significance

Ongarov M.B.


This article reveals the essence of modular teaching, which consists in the fact that the learner (student) works independently on the basis of the individual curriculum presented to him. It states that the curriculum should include a plan for events, an Information blog, methodological recommendations for achieving training results. The teacher in these conditions performs the tasks of supervising, advising, coordinating activities on the assimilation of information. Thanks to the module, students master the content, understand what information and for what purpose it is being discussed, what it “accepts” and realize that it is necessary for niama. Systematization of educational information within the framework of the module requires the separation and determination of the evolutionary of forms and types of joint activities of educators and educators. 


Module, Internship; Education; Lesson; Method; Process; Students; Field; Customization; Ability; Opinion; Independent; Program; Individual; Activity; Task

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