“Mystical Mysteries Mandhasiya” Tradition and Exotism Hindu Hindu Heritage Ceremony

Bayu Anggoro


Mystics in Javanese Kebatinan. One of the causes of suspicion is taking a polite attitude, manners and envy because the nation's culture has faded in society. Culture is the flow of thought that is ingrained (thought) and doyo = roso (understood). One of the valuable relics of Javanese spirituality. The Mandhasiya traditions are also an eastern mysticism which is a combination and has an undoubted builder, including facts (containing seven characters, flashbacks, and social themes about the past) and the theme of keeraramurkaan which is presented with kind. In the Mandhasiya ceremony there are also four universal cultures, namely the religious system and religious ceremonies of the Pancot people who believe in the existence of the sanctity and truth of the legend in the presence of watu gilang; social organization system, which is a kingdom in the presence of kings and people; tangible arts performing reyog.

In the Mandhasiya ritual, one of the components is offering rice cone, rice cone, fruit, flowers, air and incense. This has the meaning of being a citizen of Pancot and the surrounding area expressing gratitude, and pleading for Krincing Wesi to remain safe.

For Javanese who are familiar with the science of kejawen, reading the Mandhasiya sentence is no longer, because in the kejawen tradition the contents of the meaning of the sentence contain a prediction, which explains the character of a person with the time of Mandasia or Mondosiyo.


Eastern Mysticism; Mandhasiya; Pancot Village; Local Historical Essayss

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.18415/ijmmu.v6i1.566


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