Protection law Post Decision Court Constitution and Enforcement the Law Create Work for Employee based on Agreement Work Time Certain from PT. Sapphire Success Express

Teguh Setiadi, Komarudin Komarudin, Eric MC Manaman


Moment this lots Company which wrongly understood the type of work, which should use Agreement Work Time Certain, turns out in its implementation, it used Agreement Work Time Certain. This, of course, just harms labor because with the use of Agreement Work Time Certain, right to severance pay when dismissed becomes lost. Not only the right to severance pay but also allowances are not obtained for labor. The objective of this study is to know the Protection Law for employees from the Agreement Work Time Certain at PT. Sapphire Jaya Express and to understand the problems that happened with the Agreement Work Time Certain at PT. Sapphire Jaya Express. It happened that the law created work and effort, leading to a solution. The methodological approach used in this study is juridical informative, that is law conceptualized as norma, rule, basic or dogma-dogma. Results of the study show that protection law, post-decision court constitution, and enforcement law create work for employees based on the agreement work time certain from PT. Sapphire Jaya Express that is rule new IPP number 35 year 2021 in Chapter 14 mention obligation company for noted, with provision: agreement work time certain must be recorded by businessman on ministry which organizes business government of field employment regularly daring most old 3 (three) days of work since signatory agreement work time certain and obstacle which arises in the application of agreement work time certain on PT. Sapphire Jaya Express. The post-it happened law creates work and effort, leading to a solution. No fulfillment hak-hak labor during work on businessman or company, no carry out obligations in accordance with agreement work good from parties businessman nor parties labor, effort solution main can be done in problems which arise on PKWT with through consultation bipartite, mediation, conciliation, and arbitration.


iProtection Law; Agreement Work Time Certain; Enforcement Law Create Work

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