The Influence of Learning Motivation, Activeness, and Parental Attention on Learning Achievement

Deliana Ristiani


This research aims to the Learning Motivation, Activeness, and Parents' Attention on Social Studies Achievement of State Mts Students in Bantul Regency, 2020/2021 Academic Year. Based on the result with ttable is 1,854 and Ftable is 1,960 was concluded that (1) Between Learning Motivation and Studies Achievement has no positive, tvalue was 1,854. (2) Between Activeness and Parents' Attention has no positive and significance effect, tvalue was 2,701. (3) Between Parents' Attention and Studies Achievement has positive and significance effect, tvalue was 0,148. (4) Between Learning Motivation, Activeness, and Parents' Attention, and Studies Achievement has positive and significance simultaneously, Fvalue was 4,720. Implication in this research is it can be used as the one of reference or theory source on side material of similar another research.


Learning Motivation; Activeness; Parental Attention; Learning Achievement

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