The Influence of the Times on the Art of Sinrilik Keso-Keso in Makassar Society

Muh. Al Furqan, Kun Setyaning Astuti


This research is a qualitative study to obtain descriptive data in the form of written and oral words from people or observed behavior in examining the development of Sinrilik Keso-Keso art from time to time in Makassar tribal society. The results showed that the Keso-Keso Sinrilik Art from time to time continued to change. This change is accompanied by sophisticated technology as well as social, political and economic influences. There are three influences of the influence of the times on Sinrilik Keso-Keso including (1) Sinrilik in the era of the Gowa kingdom, (2) contemporary Sinrilik, and (3) Sinrilik in the present. In an interview with a maestro of Sinrilik Keso-Keso art, namely Mr. Tutu (Syarifuddin) that Sinrilik in the era of the Gowa kingdom was a characteristic of the Makassar tribe specifically in Gowa Regency, where Sinrilik used to be a way of delivering messages to the king when he wanted to take policy action to his people and vice versa if the people wanted to convey something to the king had to go through the intermediary of Pa'sinrilik (Sinrilik player). With the influence of the development of the times, the Sinrilik Keso-Keso art has now switched its function to become a performing art both for entertainment and displayed at official events.


The Influence of The Times; Art; Sinrilik Keso-Keso; Makassar Society.

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