The Peculiarities of Implementation of Strategic Planning for the Development of Production in Uzbekistan

Bakhtiyor Rustamovich Mustafaev


This scientific work provides information on the peculiarities of implementation of strategic planning for the development of production in the regions. The unique socio–economic environment, cultural factors and geographical changes require a customized approach to strategic planning. In addition, this article analyzes the theoretical foundations, methodological approaches and actual practices specific to Uzbekistan, and informs about how strategic planning can be effectively used to encourage economic growth and sustainable development in the regions of the country. 


Strategic Planning; Development; Production; Social Environment; Cultural Factors; Economic Environment; Geographical Changes; Approach, Territory; Sustainable Development; Regional Economy; Theoretical Foundations; Methodological Approaches; Actual Pract

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Муаллиф томонидан шакллантирилган.

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