Critical Analysis of Sunni Theological Schools' Views on Divine Justice from the Perspective of Shahid Motahhari

Elham Zarinkolah


One of the topics that "Ash'areh, Mu'tazila, and Imamiyyah" have put at the forefront of their discussions for specific religious and historical reasons is divine justice, which means that God acts righteously in the system of creation and legislation. In this article, by using the library method and data analysis, while expressing Shahid Motahhari's point of view on the semantics of the word justice, the point of view of Sunni theological schools in this regard has been analyzed, and the conclusion has been reached that Shahid Motahhari has given four meanings for this word: balance, equality, respect for rights, and respect for entitlements. He, after criticizing the views of the Ash'areh - which favors determinism and necessity and the incompatibility of justice with intrinsic monotheism - and the Mu'tazila - who favors justice and free will - puts forward the Imamiyyah view, which is the principle of justice without damage to verbal and intrinsic monotheism by affirming the free will of man, and considers it a superior view.


Divine justice; Imamiyyah; Ash'areh; Mu'tazila; Monotheism; Motahhari

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