The Peculiarities of the Development of Korean Literature in the 1970S–2000S

Aziza Talat kizi Khidoyatova


This article provides an analysis of the various internal and external elements that have played a significant role in shaping the evolution of Korean literature during the final 25 years of the 20th century. Additionally, it explores the complexities surrounding the development of literature during this period. The popular discontent sprang from two primary factors: the post–civil war military government and the subsequent era of anarchy, characterized by a power vacuum, as well as the demise of agriculture due to the quick pace of economic growth. These events failed to make a significant impact on the field of literature. A novel form and genre, as well as distinct language and style, emerged within the realm of poetry and prose. The painters employed their pencils to explore a range of subjects. The literary landscape witnessed the emergence of novel heroic figures, alongside the introduction of hitherto unexplored female archetypes. One individual was conceived with the purpose of becoming a warrior in pursuit of justice, whilst another individual was brought into existence just to champion the cause of intellectual expression. Authors such as Yan Kwi Ja documented the aforementioned societal transformations experienced by individuals of common status.


Industrialization; Korean Literature; Military Rule; Democracy; Poetry; Novel; Story; Literary Works; New Images; Heroic Figures

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