Interpretation of the Ornaments of the Masjid Agung Pondok Tinggi, Sungai Penuh using Charles Sanders Pierce's Semiotic Approach

Ari Alsia, I Wayan Suardana


The Masjid Agung Pondok Tinggi is one of the oldest mosques in Jambi Province. The mosque was built on June 1, 1874 and completed at the turn of the 20th century. The mosque not only has I  nteresting architecture but is also covered by various unique ornaments that are not only as decorations but also have symbolic meaning behind its creation. This study aims to analyze the symbolic meaning of the Masjid Agung High Cottage Ornaments using the abbreviation Charles Sanders Pierce Semiotics. The results showed that the ornamental meaning of the Masjid Agung Pondok Tinggi is a symbol of the traditional order and system in Kerinci. One of them is the takah tigo motif which is a customary system in Kerinci known as sko ngah takah tigo (three levels), consisting of Sko Depati, Sko Ninik Mamak and Sko Anak Laki. This system is a norm about the implementation of the king's customary order (depati) in maintaining and managing government in the Kerinci region.


Symbolic Meaning; Ornament of the Masjid Agung the High Lodge; Semiotics of Charles Sanders Pierce

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