Zozi’s Election as Miss Universe 2019: A Transformation of the Concept of Women’s Beauty and Leadership

Yusuf Idrus Malik, Fatihatur Rahmi Azizah, Adinda Daffa Aprilian, Nur Azizah


The election of Zozi as Miss Universe in 2019 raises a critical discourse on the concept of women's beauty and leadership. This article aims to show the transformation of the concept of beauty and leadership. The method used in this paper is Critical Discourse Analysis by collecting secondary data from the official Miss Universe website, journals, media and the internet, as well as Zozi's speeches and activities before and after being elected as Miss Universe 2019. The results of the research show that transformation of the concept of beauty is needed to create justice. The concept of beauty is necessary to accommodate diversity and inclusivity. In addition, beauty is not only determined by physical appearance, but also must be supported by strong character. Moreover, women face a number of problems of structured and cultural discrimination that resulted in them being left behind. Women must participate actively in society, create them to become empowered and progressive women. The election of Zozi as Miss Universe has broken the conventional western concept of beauty, uniform and everything is measured from a male point of view. Zozi has become a role model that inspires other women to become women with personality.


Beauty Concept, Critical Discourse, Leadership, Miss Universe

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.18415/ijmmu.v10i11.5138


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