The Quiddity of the Imam's Knowledge from Shaikh Mufid and Sayyid Murtaza's Viewpoints

Mazahir Ahmadian Chaharborj, Mohammad Shokri Chaharborj


Imam's knowledge is an important topic in Islamic theology. The knowledge meant by theologians is not the acquired one, rather it is an inner knowledge gained by the Imam in different ways. This knowledge is Ilm-i Ladunni (Inspired Knowledge) and the one that "comes from Allah". Moreover, the Imams' knowledge is Isha'i (intentional knowledge) and is obtained through God's teaching. The content of the hadith "whenever they want, they know" also implies that whenever the Imams intended, they gained knowledge of various affair. They were aware of the affairs. According to hadiths, the Imams obtained some knowledge at once and some gradually. All this knowledge and awareness were related to the Imam's desire and will. In other words, whenever God willed, he would gain knowledge. Of course, this is not in conflict with their knowledge of the time of their own martyrdom; in this case, the Imam was bound to do his duty and had to act according to the Divine will.


Quiddity; Knowledge; The Imam; The Imam's Knowledge; Shaikh Mufid; Sayyid Murtaza

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