Comparative Study of Teaching Effectiveness & Performance of Trained and Untrained Teachers at School Level Working in Private and Government Sector in District Kabul –Afghanistan

Nadera Faqir Ansari, Shekiba Hilal, Mohmmad Bashir Bahrami


The study compared the professional skills of trained and untrained teachers towards effective teaching in private &Gov. sector schools in District Kabul. The convenient sampling technique was employed in this descriptive cross-sectional study. A total of 9 private schools and 9 government schools were selected from Kabul, from each school 5 trained and 5 untrained teachers were selected for the study to whom the research instrument was administered. The sample consisted of a total of 180 school teachers. Five-point liker scale questionnaire was developed, including four important factors regarding teaching effectiveness, i.e., preparing lesson plan, introduction of instructional material, task orientation and ideas and contribution of students. The study found that for these above-mentioned factors, there was found in some way the differences between the effectiveness of trained and untrained.


Servant Leadership; Accountability; Stewardship; Politicians; Public Participation

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