The Influence of Digital Marketing and Content on Vacation Decisions at Lowita Beach Tourism Malabo Village Kae'E Regency Pinrang

Pandi Putra, Hamida Hasan


This study aims to know digital marketing and influential content to decision holiday in tour Beach Lowita Malabo in Village Kae'E Regency Pinrang and to find out alternative strategies that can be applied in the development of the coast Lowita Malabo. Study This is done with quantitative methods, describing and describing the phenomenon of the increase in the number of visitors with the specific purpose to know digital marketing and content influence the decision to vacation at Lowita Malabo Beach Kae'E Village, using the SPSS 22 program. SPSS 22 is a way of knowing variables That influence public holidays in Beach Lowita Malabo so that facilitating the right formulation in developing Lowita Malabo Beach in the village Kae'E Suppa District Regency pinrang. Research results This Partially Digital Marketing variable has No influential significance and Content Marketing partially effect significant to the Vacation Decision Variable, Simultaneously F count (F-Statistic) of 5.645 is greater than the F table which is 2.8 3 with a probability value of 0.00 9 which means below a significant value of 0.05. Based on these data Digital Marketing Variables (X1) and Content Marketing (X2) simultaneously (together) have an influence on Vacation Decisions at Malabo Beach in Kae'e Regency Pinrang.


Digital; marketing; Content; Decision; Holiday

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