Advising Event Speech Acts in Arabic Speaking Interactions on Fawwaz Wa Nuroh Speaking Animation

Fitra Asysyifa, Djatmika Djatmika, Hanifullah Syukri


The form of advice is a form of one's concern for others around him. This study aims to find out what types of speech acts are used in the form of conveying sentences of advice contained in animated showsFawwaz wa Nuroh. The object of this research is an Arabic animated show entitledFawwaz wa Nuroh with a total of 60 themes, several themes will be selected that have the form of advice in the types of speech acts. The animation was uploaded on the iEN YouTube platform from 12 to 13 March 2018. In its analysis, this study uses the theory of speech acts put forward by Searle. The data collection method of this research uses the observing and note-taking method, while the data analysis method uses a qualitative descriptive method. The research data is in the form of utterances that are included in the event of advising and contained in the form of speech acts according to Searle's theory. The form of the speech act can be directive, assertive, expressive, or commissive. Based on the findings, 350 utterances were found with the number of utterances of advising events contained in speech acts of 153 utterances. The speech acts found were speech acts of reminding as many as 36 utterances, praising as many as 16 utterances, advising as many as 5 utterances, prohibiting as many as 12 utterances, ordering as many as 24 utterances, asking as many as 10 utterances, calling out as many as 7 utterances, advising as many as 29 utterances, suggesting as many as 5 utterances, appealed to as many as 2 utterances, and directed as many as 7 utterances. Thus the speech act that dominates the occurrence of the advising event is the directive speech act of reminding because this animation highly upholds intimacy between family members, school and the surrounding environment.


Keywords: Animation, advising, speech acts, pragmatics


Animation; Advising; Speech Acts; Pragmatics

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