The Peculiarities of Educational and Scientific Popular Literature

Latofat Ismatovna Tashmukhamedova


This scientific work provides information about the peculiarities and functions of educational and scientific popular literature, which is considered as special types of certain types of literature. The certain types of literature include such categories as educational literature, scientific and popular literature, reference book, encyclopedic literature, scientific and technical literature, public and political literature, fictional literature, reprinted literature, classical literature. Each of these literatures has its own features and individualities. As a result of our studies, we can see that the text, editing, power of influence, essence of some types of literature have found their scientific proof as narrow meaning in the text. In this article, we strove to perfectly analyze educational and scientific popular literatures, their place in science, power of influence, value and functions in the development of society, and made a number of scientific conclusions.


Literature; Certain Types of Literature; Educational Literature; Scientific and Popular Literature; Editing; Analysis; Influence; Classical Literature

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