Analysis of Impoliteness Strategies and the Distribution of Characters & Sequences in the Serial Drama ANTARES Season 1

Aulianisa Netasya Salam, Riyadi Santosa, Miftah Nugroho


This study discusses the phenomenon of impoliteness in the drama entitled ANTARES Season 1, Episode 1-8. This study aims to further describe the types of impoliteness strategies carried out by actors in ANTARES using Culpeper's theory (1996) then to explain the distribution of characters and sequences that influence impoliteness acts. This research approach is sociopragmatic by using a qualitative descriptive method. The data used in this study are the conversations of several protagonists, antagonists and tritagonists. The results of this study are that there are four types of impoliteness strategies found, namely, bald on record impoliteness, positive impoliteness, negative impoliteness, and sarcasm or mock politeness. The distribution of characters and sequences in impoliteness acts is most dominant in the status quo & inciting incident sequences as well as the tritagonist characters are most often found to commit impoliteness acts.


Characters; Culpeper; Impoliteness Acts; Impoliteness Strategies; Sequences

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