The Morphosyntactic Analysis of Possessive Markers a Study on Meriak-Meriku Dialect in Padamara Village

Baiq Wimandari Safitri, Mahyuni Mahyuni, Nur Ahmadi


This study aims at describing the form, distributions, and morphological process of the uses of possessive markers in Meriak-Meriku dialect at Padamara language, East Lombok. It is focused on describing form, structural distributions, and the category of morphological process on pronominal clitic as well as the possessive marker in this dialect. In the sample of data collection, the data was gathered by recording and note taking techniques of the native speakers’ spoken utterances. This is due to the fact that there was no written source or documents available in this dialect. The study shows that the possessive marker takes the form as the pronominal clitic, and from the syntactic perspective the form of possessive markers are described as the possessive pronoun, genitive pronoun, inalienable and alienable possession. Specifically, the inalienable relation it is formally marked by periphrastic expression of “isiq-possessor”. The ability to fulfil the phrase mark the distinction between alienable and inalienable possession. The pronominal clitic can attach at all word categories such as Verb, Noun, Adjective, and Adverb and it is not functioned as possessive marker. In the process of morphological, based on the data shows possessive marker in this dialect is inflectional morphology.


Meriak-Meriku Dialect; Padamara, Possessive Marker; Pronominal Clitic; Morphological; Syntactic

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