Futures Thinking Culture Towards the Achievement of the SDG Is Manifested in the Different Southeast Asia Educational Institutions

Riswan Jaenudin, Umi Chotimah, Farida Farida, Dedi Irwanto


This research aims, firstly is to describe the promotion of futures thinking culture of the Southeast Asian Education Institutions in Indonesia, Philipina, Malaysia, Thailand, and Vietnam. Secondly, to describe the futures thinking methods utilized by the Southeast Asian education institutions towards the attainment of SDGs as perceived by the academic administrators and faculty members or lecturers. Thirdly, is to describe the level of integration of active and responsible global citizenship in the curriculum of Southeast Asian education institutions necessary to make the students as partners in the attainment of SDGs. Fouthly, is to describe the level of manifestation of the benefits of integrating the SDGs among the students, lecturers/faculty members and education institutions, and the community in the point of view of academic administrators and faculty members or lecturers.



SDG; Southeast Asia; Culture

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.18415/ijmmu.v10i7.4688


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