Lampung Provincial Government Policy on the Impact of Mineral and Coal Mining Based on Sustainable Development Principles

Ahadi Fajrin Prasetya


The withdrawal of authority from the regional government to the central government in mineral and coal mining activities causes all of them to become legal. This study aims (1) to analyze the authority of the Regional Government in Minerba mining activities (2) to analyze the Lampung Provincial Government's Policy on the impact of Minerba Mining based on the principles of Sustainable Development. The method used is the normative research method and the statutory approach. The results of this study are (1) the authority of the Regency/City Regional Government was withdrawn by the Central Government, but after the issuance of Presidential Regulation Number 55 of 2022 concerning Delegation of Granting Business Permits in the Mineral and Coal Mining Sector, the Center delegated it to the Provincial Governments. Regency/City Regional Governments no longer have authority over mining activities, their authority is limited because it is only delegated from the central government. The Regional Government does not have absolute authority, because the source of authority is given from the delegation process alone, to carry out the mandate of Law Number 55 of 2022 concerning Delegation of Granting Business Permits in the Mineral and Coal Mining Sector, the Regional Government of Lampung Province issued Lampung Governor Regulation Number 26 2022 concerning Amendments to Lampung Governor Regulation Number 47 of 2021 concerning Delegation of Licensing and Non-Licensing Authority to the Head of the Investment Service and One-Stop Integrated Services. However, the Pergub does not fully comply with the principles of Sustainable Development, namely democracy, justice and sustainability. The governor's regulation only explains the delegation process submitted by the center to the regions, because the authority is delegated, the authority possessed by the provincial regional government is still limited, so the Provincial Government is not optimal in carrying out law enforcement in the Minerba mining sector.


Authority; Policy; Minerba Mining; Sustainable Development

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