Cyber Crime in terms of the Human Rights Perspective

Muh. Akbar Fhad Syahril


Regulatory efforts related to the ITE Law are a form of recognition and protection of human rights. Its philosophical foundation is Pancasila which is rechtsidee (legal ideals) and the idea of realizing the law in accordance with what it aspires to. This study aims to determine the extent of the handling of cybercrime in the City of Parepare. This research uses normative and empirical methods. The results show that cybercrime, which is essentially a human rights violation, is still very massive, especially in the City of Parepare where the handling process is still not running effectively, because the regulations governing cybercrime have not provided a deterrent effect for the perpetrators, so that until now cybercrime is still very frequent occur.


ITE Law; Cybercrime; Law Enforcement; Crime; Human Rights

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