Creative Process of Creating Muli Butapis Dance by Maria Reni Wulandari at the Children’s Choreography Test II in 2022 at Yogyakarta State Unversity

Fidelia Primadiana, Kun Setyaning Astuti


This study aims to describe the Creative Process of Creation of Muli Butapis Dance by Maria Reni Wulandari through the stages of exploration, improvisation, evaluation, and composition. The research approach used is a qualitative approach that is descriptive. The object of this study is Muli Butapis dance which is studied from the creative process which includes elements of dance composition such as theme, movement, makeup, fashion, accompaniment, floor pattern, stage layout. While the subjects in this study were choreographers and dancers. The source of this research data was obtained by observation, interview, and documentation techniques through Maria Reni Wulandari as the choreographer or creator of Muli Butapis dance. The data obtained are analyzed using data reduction analysis techniques, data presentation, and conclusions. Data validity tests are carried out by triangulation techniques. The results of this study can be concluded as follows. 1) Muli Butapis Dance was created by Maria Reni Wulandari in 2022 to fulfill the assignment of the Children's Choreography II course at Yogyakarta State University. 2) The creative process carried out by Maria Reni Wulandari in working on Muli Butapis dance includes the exploration stage, namely exploration, understanding, contemplation about one of the habits of Lampung girls who wear tapis, the improvisation stage by looking for movements spontaneously, the evaluation stage by selecting and selecting movements that are in accordance with the theme, and the composition stage which is arranging various kinds of movements that have been obtained. 3) The factors influencing the creative process of Muli Butapis dance consist of environment, means, skills, identity, originality, and appreciation.


Creative Process; Dance Creation

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