Place and Role of the Urtachirchik District in the Development of the Economy of the Tashkent Region

Karakulov Nurbol Maidanovich, Nugmanova Aropat Abduxamitovna, Usmanova Gulnora Eshmatovna, Ergashbayeva Nurjamal Nurjan Qizi, Sodiqjanov Bekzot Farxod Ug'li


This article examines the place and role of the economy of Urtachirchik district in the economy of Tashkent region. The role of regional industrial production, the share of agriculture, the number of small business entities, and the growth rate of service provision in the region was analyzed.


Ferrous and Non-Ferrous Metallurgy; Chemistry; Production of Building Products; Industry; Food Production; Urta Chirchik District; Services; Agriculture; The Region; The Economy; Republic of Uzbekistan; Reforms

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