Assertive Speech Acts on Deddy Corbuzier's Podcast

Tsalis Fachrully Syahidah, Djatmika Djatmika, Sumarlam Sumarlam


This study aims to describe the forms of assertive speech acts employed in Deddy Corbuzier's podcast when discussing the COVID-19 pandemic case. This study uses the theory of Charles Kreidler to help analyze assertive speech acts. This type of research is included in qualitative research because the data analyzed is in the form of words. The data in this study are in the forms of assertive speech acts. The source of the data in this study came from the transcription of Deddy Corbuzier's YouTube podcast episode entitled Ngakak Covid Delta ah Basi! dr. Tirta is Back ‘Lol! Covid Delta, ah Stale! dr. Tirta is Back’ which was uploaded on June 27, 2021. The method of providing data used in this study uses note-taking techniques. The results of this study found 246 forms of assertive speech acts. Of the 246 data, it is divided into 127 data focusing on information; 81 data focus on the truth-value of utterances; 11 data focus on the speaker's commitment or involvement with what is reported; 21 data focus on how to communicate; 3 data focus on the nature of the message; and 5 data focuses on the aspects. Assertive speech acts that focus on informing are found more frequently because in the podcast conversation, many utterances are focused on informing the latest news about the COVID-19 virus and also explanations regarding the new Delta variant of the COVID-19 virus.

Keywords: podcast, assertive, COVID-19


Podcast; Assertive; COVID-19

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