Tang as Transformation of the Singular First Personal Pronoun into Singular First Personal Possessive Pronoun in Madurese Language

Junaidi Junaidi, Fransiskus Xaverius Sawardi, Henry Yustanto


Madurese language as ethnical language has the specific form and character, for example personal pronoun in Madurese language can transform into another form. This research will study about ‘tang’ as the transformation of first singular personal pronoun in Madurese language by using syntactic theory. This research will use the qualitative approach by descriptive method. This research is library research, it will reveal ‘tang’ used as the first singular possessive personal pronoun. The primary data of this research are the texts of the Madurese’s book written by Mat Toyu, they are Embi’ Celleng Ji Monentar and Kerrong ka Omba’, while the second data are the texts book related to this research. The data collecting is performed by reading and noting. The data validity is performed by interviewing to the writer of the two books, while the data analysis are performed by grouping the data then analyzing them to get the conclusion. This research concludes that the basic firs singular personal pronoun in Madurese language transforms into the other form when becomes the possessive pronoun, it becomes ‘tang’. It also transforms the basic grammatical system, for example “tang santre” (my student) and “tang bine” (my wife).


Madurese Language; Pronoun; Possessive Pronoun; Syntax

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.18415/ijmmu.v10i3.4407


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