The Effect of Education on the Political Participation in Malay Society of Bungo Regency-Jambi

Dedi Syaputra, Abdullah Idi, Muhammad Adil


This study is to see how the influence of education on the political participation of the Malay community in Bungo Regency, Jambi Province. Jambi Province is a province that declares that Malay culture is the cultural footing point of the Jambi people. Post-reformation, regional politics has increased, ultimately greatly influencing the development of electoral democracy (direct elections). This influence, of course, has an impact on political participation in every regional head election. This study also explores information about the political participation of the Malay community in the regional head election in Bungo Regency, Jambi Province in 2015. In this regional head election, Bungo Regency has a fairly high level of political participation, namely 70.52% of 11 districts in Jambi Province.


Political Participation; Jambi Malay; Democracy; Direct Election; Bungo

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