Refutation of the Argument of the Article in Defense of Abortion Written by Judith Jarvis Thomson

Meysam Fathi


In the philosophy of ethics regarding abortion, there are three views of absolute and conditional agreement and conditional disagreement to emergency conditions. Agreements and disagreements are also formed on different bases. For example, Richard Dawkins agrees with abortion on evolutionary grounds, and Francis Beckwith opposes this issue on ideological, legal, and philosophical grounds. In the meantime, Judith Jervis Thomson based on the mother's right to take possession of her own body, does not consider non-cruel killing to be immoral, and considers abortion as a non-cruel killing. Therefore, she does not consider it the duty of the mother to preserve the life of the fetus, and advocates the permissibility of abortion. An analysis has been done, while giving a detailed statement of Thomson's argument, by invalidating all three premises of her argument; we are discrediting her argument regarding the legalization of abortion.


Code Mixing; Teaching and Learning Process; Qualitative Method

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