Regional Struggle in Indonesia: Study of the Republic of South Maluku (RMS) Upheaval

Aksilas Dasfordate


It was conducted with a background of research on policy issues, early development of independence by the government, occurrence of upheaval RMS, and the impact of RMS upheaval against the Public in Indonesian society in general, especially in the Maluku archipelago. Starting from the background of the problem, the aims of this study are as follows: (1) Explain how policy early development of independence by the government; (2) Describe the process that occurs RMS upheaval; (3) Analyze what impact RMS upheaval against Indonesian people, especially people in Maluku. To explain and analyze the research problem, a structuralism approach is used, namely a system that combines an event approach with a structural approach, because the historical explanation of the event aspect is meaningless without displaying the structures and other determinants contained therein. Within this approach, there is a historical research method, according to Marc Bloch. According to Marc Bloch, which consists of four namely; (1) Formulation of research problems and historical observations, (2) Criticism or testing of data, is done by comparing information obtained from data sources (archives, contents of books, and research results read by researchers; (3) Analysis historical; (4) Explanation, the researcher carries out this stage by looking for the causes and effects of the problem under study. The results are based on the approaches and methods used in analyzing the research data. (1) Policy, the initial development of independence by the government, can be seen from the economic conditions of the war that the Dutch East Indies Government previously implemented and the Japanese Military Occupation Government continued. (2) Happened upheaval RMS was motivated by the separatist movement whose aim was not only to separate itself from NIT but to form its state separate from RIS. (3) Impact of RMS upheaval against the Public in Maluku; this was seen when in 1978, members of the RMS took approximately 70 civilians, hostage in the Dutch government building in Assen-Wesseran. Several groups also carried out terror under the leadership of the RMS, such as the Suicide group in South Maluku. And in 1975, this group seized a train and took 38 passengers on the train as hostages.


Regional Upheaval; Indonesia; Republic of South Maluku (RMS)

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