Interpersonal Communication of Customary Institutions as a Solution Model for Violence Against Women in Sigi District

Achmad Herman


This study used a qualitative method based on an ethnographic approach. The instrument was in the form of an interview guide which contains a list of open-ended questions to obtain in-depth responses. The determination of the sample used a purposive sampling technique. The results of the study showed that the resolution model for violence against women in Sigi District used interpersonal communication of Customary Institutions to resolve conflicts with the customary deliberation mechanism. Customary deliberation is a mechanism carried out by the Law Customary Law Communities of "To Sigi" with parties in the communities. The Customary Law Communities of "To Kaili" and "To Kulawi" in Sigi District solve many problems through the Customary Deliberation process such as forest encroachment issues, community disputes (“sala kana”), slandered or uttered obscene words (“sala mbiwi”), and hit someone wrongly (“sala mpale”).


Communication; Interpersonal; Customary Institutions

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