The New Tendencies of Copyright TV Programmes

Kumushbibi Rasulovna Ermamatova


The author’s program is a mirror of today’s journalism. TV journalists try to prepare their programs as an opportunity to show their author’s “I” and positions. Such programs introduce them to the audience, help them to be closer to the audience. Today’s programs reflect new trends. This is not in vain. The reason is that times are rapidly changing and people’s thinking tends to an ever higher level. Accordingly, the demand for journalistic products and their quality is growing. Among the thousands of TV channels and shows remaining, it is not easy to attract audience attention to your program. For this show must be prepared in a modern way, the frame, text, sound must be unique, exciting, information must be presented in a new style, in an easily acceptable form, etc. Only then the viewer will be able to choose a useful and interesting program from many options, to become a fan of the author of the program, and the views of the author of the show will remain important and relevant for him. Today, along with world television, Uzbek TV channels have experience in preparing copyright programs and broadcasting them to the general public. The creators are trying to enrich the programs with new trends that keep up with the times. The article tells about the latest news, changes and events on Uzbek and Russian TV channels.


Author’s Program; Tendency; Modernity; Recreativity; Function; Novelty; Development; Author; Viewer; TV Channel

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