Assessing Self Efficacy Sources and its Relation to Master Athlete’s Achievement in Kobudo Martial Arts Sport

Saqer K.H Shwedeh, Suha Fouad Salem, Sharif Omer Salem


Self-efficacy is one ability to achieve success, and individuals engaging in competitive sports, including athletes and coaches, often have identified it as a most important mental skill for a success in sport. This research study aims to assess the self-efficacy sources and its relation to Master Athlete’s achievement in Kobudo Martial Arts Sport. A multidimensional research model has been proposed based on the self-efficacy theory. Total of 233 respondents of the questionnaire were collected from players who participated in the competition. The results showed that the research model could significantly predict master players achievement in Martial Arts (MA). The findings would be valuable for academicians and Martial Arts master players and coaches.

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