Reasons for the Lack of Academic Writing

Mohammad Rahim Banaizada


Writing and preparing a research paper, like any other basic work, is subject to conditions and regulations that must be followed step by step in order to prepare a complete and flawless writing. In every work, the principles must be followed and a determined and calculated path must be followed step by step to reach the goal. The fine art of writing is not exempted from this rule. A student should choose an article to write in choosing the topic of his thesis that adds to his previous experiences and knowledge. We expect students to present their research results in a clear, logical and accurate manner, and the quality of the research texts emanating from the student audience – from the abstract and essay to the final qualifying work – leaves much to be desired. Of course, no one is born with the skills of academic writing and academic literacy, these skills need to be formed. A variety of courses on methodology of scientific-research activities in the undergraduate and graduate programs, even correctly structured, do not give the desired effect without regular practice – in fact, writing scientific texts and the constant feedback from teacher, self-sufficient work on the bugs. The article summarizes the key problems of students' scientific works and proposes approaches to their solution.


Academic Writing; Scientific Text; Student Conference; Bachelor Degree; Final Qualifying Work

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