Analysis of Validity Decisions General Meeting of Shareholders Limited Liability Company in Circulation

Nanang Nurcahyo, Yudho Taruno M


The General Meeting of Shareholders (AGM) held by the company is an important organ in taking various policies in the company. The GMS in practice is set forth in an authentic deed made before a notary and or made in minutes of meetings in the form of a deed under the hand, and then the deed is set forth in the form of an authentic deed and this practice is known as the deed of the decision of the meeting. In this context, the responsibility of a notary in making the deed of declaration of decision of general meeting of shareholders of circular limited company should be studied further, since a Notary is a public official who has authority to make authentic deed of all acts, agreements and stipulations ordered by general regulations or requested by the parties making the deed. Notary as a public official in every execution of his duties should not be out of the "signs" that have been regulated by the applicable law. Based on the results of research can be concluded that the making of Deed of Shareholders General Meeting of Shareholders which made in circulation has been regulated in Law Number 40 Year 2007 and has been allowed, so have legal validity and strength. However, in the verdict the judge has overturned the ruling of the general meeting which was made in circulation regarding the transfer of ownership of the shares, because the judge considered that in making the decision there is one element that has not been completed, namely the signature of several parties. With the cancellation of the decision, it will affect the return of share ownership from the defendant to be returned to the party, and this also affects the notary who participated in making the deed of decision of the general meeting that the notary is required to obey and comply with the stipulated decision.


Notary; Circular Act; GMS

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