Inclusiveness of Diplomatic Immunity in Islamic View

Nur Salam, Surwandono Surwandono


This study aims to determine how inclusive diplomatic immunity in the view of Islam. The object of research is Islamic law, namely the Qur'an, As Sunnah and the consistent practice of Muslim heads of state. The data sources for this research are surveys and observations. The assessment of diplomatic immunity problems was analyzed using NVivo 12 Plus and VOS viewer to document and analyze the data systematically. The results of the study show the inclusiveness of diplomatic immunity which has been discussed before the western view. it has formulated strong foundations and rules to protect diplomats from harm and murder. Other privileges such as freedom of movement and communication, protection of diplomatic bag and courier, inviolability. Islamic law has emphasized the importance of fulfilling obligations under an agreement and not deviate from the spirit of Sharia.


Inclusiveness; Immunity; Diplomat

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