Investigating the Therapeutic Effects of Some Foods Based on Hadith Teachings

Saeedeh Musavi, Rasoul Muhammad-Jafari


One of the most important issues in the treatment system is the use of the right medicine to treat the disease; and since God Himself is both a physician and a healer, it is necessary that He has placed healing effects in many of the things that He has created as human nutrition. Undoubtedly, the use of natural medicines will be much more useful than chemical medicines because they do not cause serious side effects in the body. Meanwhile, the traditions of the innocents (pbut) can be very helpful in understanding the therapeutic effects of these foods. The present study investigated some of these narrations and with descriptive and analytical method, it sought to answer the question, how is the investigation of the therapeutic effects of some food based on the teachings of hadith? In this section, the therapeutic effects of the following foods and herbal medicines were investigated: 1- Pomegranate, 2- Honey, 3- Figs, 4- Garlic, 5- Thyme, 6- Milk, 7- Meat, 8- Vinegar, 9- Currants, 10- Olive.


Therapeutic Works; Nutrition; Hadith Teachings; Medicine; Traditions

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