Correlation of Verb Categories with Aspectuality and Temporality Categories in Russian Language

Zilola Mustafaevna Ruzieva


The following article deals with the categorical features of the verb and the correlation of the category “Вид” (in Russian language) features with the functional-semantic categories of aspectuality and temporality. The mechanisms of functioning of the system of temporal forms of the verb in the Russian and Uzbek languages are investigated. The author’s position on this issue has been stated. The category “Вид” is being a classification, inflectional category, occupying an adjacent position between inflection and word formation represents the basis of aspectuality and interacts with the category of temporality.


Verb; Temporality; Aspectuality; Imperfect Form; Perfect Form; Ultimate; The Category “Вид” Temporal Forms; Species Opposition; Modes of Action; Action Limit; Binarity, Universality

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