Agreement to Buy and Sell Fresh Fruit Bunches (FFB) of Oil Palm Between PT. Perennial Palm Mountain with Collectors in West Pasaman

Agus Sucipto, Azmi Fendri, Muhammad Hasbi


An agreement can be carried out properly if the parties have fulfilled their respective achievements as promised without any party being harmed. but sometimes the agreement is not carried out properly due to a default committed by one of the parties or debtors. However, in practice, there are still irregularities outside the procedural regarding the sale and purchase agreement. Where there are deviations in the form of the way it is implemented. This is due to the fact that the party does not fulfill or neglects to carry out the obligations as specified in the agreement made between the buyers of PT. Gunung Sawit Abadi and Collectors as Sellers. The problems discussed in this thesis (1) How the Process of Making a Sale and Purchase Agreement for Fresh Fruit Bunches of Palm Oil Between PT. Gunung Sawit Abadi (GSA) With Collectors in West Pasaman? (2) How is the implementation of the agreement for the sale and purchase of fresh fruit bunches (FFB) of oil palm between PT. Gunung Sawit Abadi (GSA) with Collectors in West Pasaman? (3) How to Resolve If There Are Problems in the Implementation of the Palm Oil Fresh Fruit Bunches (FFB) Sale and Purchase Agreement between PT. Gunung Sawit Abadi (GSA) With Collectors in West Pasaman? The method used in this study is empirical research, the research results obtained are (1) conducting a meeting and then continuing to explain the things contained in the contract. At this stage the parties will conclude the rights and obligations of each party in the implementation of the agreement, will subsequently conduct negotiations. After the negotiations are completed, the Agreement is signed by the Parties (2) the implementation begins with the Pre-contract and the Execution of the contract/agreement. However, there was a Default committed by PT. Gunung Sawit Abadi (GSA) regarding not fulfilling its obligations for payments that are not in accordance with the agreement on the sale and purchase of palm oil FFB number 20 / SPJ / LEG-GSA / VII / 17 which makes the Collector suffer losses. (3) The settlement was taken by the parties, namely PT. Gunung Sawit Abadi (GSA) with collectors in overcoming disputes arising from the practice of buying and selling oil palm FFB is by way of deliberation and consensus. Deliberations are carried out in the spirit of openness, familiarity, and kinship.


Sale and Purchase Agreement; Palm Oil Fresh Fruit Bunches

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