Legal Protection for Herities Against Renewal of Use of Buildings That Have Ended in Bukittinggi City

Devia Yonisa, Azmi Fendri, Syofirman Syofyan


The whole earth, water and space are included in the natural wealth contained therein within the territory of the Republic of Indonesia as a gift from God Almighty which is a national wealth. The earth, water and natural resources contained therein are at the highest level controlled by the state, as an organization of power for all the people. The state grants HGB for 30 years, and can be extended for 20 years. When the HGB dies, the rights do not automatically disappear, because the government still provides the opportunity to be re-registered through a 30-year renewal of rights. And if the HGB holder dies, the state still provides the opportunity to re-register his rights to the heirs. The problems examined in this thesis are: 1) What is the legal protection for the heirs against the renewal of building use rights that have expired in Bukittinggi City? 2) How is the process of renewing the Right to Build carried out by the heirs in Bukittinggi City? The approach method used in this research is the normative juridical method. This research uses an approach to the principles of law and legislation. The data used are primary data and secondary data. The data sources in this research are library research and field research. Data is collected through the study of documents or library materials. The data obtained were processed through editing and coding, then analyzed using qualitative analysis. Furthermore, the data is presented descriptively. Based on the results of the study, the authors conclude: 1) Legal protection for the heirs is, the HGB exceeds the time limit and the right holder dies, the right is not immediately lost, can be re-applied on the condition that one of them, the land is still in the control of the heir legitimate. 2) In the process of extending the HGB at the Padang City BPN, the applicant requests an extension of the HGB by attaching the ID card of the right holder, PBB, Family Card and certificate of HGB to be extended. the process through registration, measurement, issuance of SK Hak, printing certificates and certificates can be accepted by the applicant.


Inheritance; Building Use Rights; Padang City National Land Agency

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