Application of Technology and Science of Intellectual Property Rights in the Papua Traditional Culture Perspective

Eddy Pelupessy


This study aims to analyze, explain, and discover the Indonesian people's traditional cultural expressions (folklore). It also identifies some efforts to protect people's rights to traditional cultural expressions (folklore) from misuse by other parties for commercial purposes without benefiting the community concerned. The type of research is normative legal research, which examines legal library materials or secondary data, including research on legal principles, legal systematics, levels of vertical and horizontal synchronization, legal comparisons and legal history. The results revealed that the categories of folklore are verbal and non-verbal expressions such as folk poetry, puzzles, proverbs, proverbs, traditional speeches, song expressions, collages, traditional costumes, related architects with folklore, having the characteristics of being sustainable, contemporary and whole-souled, both documented and undocumented at the Office of the Directorate General of Intellectual Property Rights. Therefore, the Government must position itself wisely in the community by maintaining its neutrality from various social conflicts or legal disputes related to intellectual property rights or the protection of folklore in its diversity. The Government needs to utilize contracts for benefit determination sharing through an institution appointed to represent the State in the protection of folklore.


Application of Science and Technology; Intellectual Property Rights; Traditional Papuan Culture

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