The Role of Social Harms in Reducing Social Health in Tafsīr Al-Mīzān

Maryam Esfehani, Rasoul Muhammad-Jafari


According to Islam, health plays an essential role in human growth and perfection. To the public, the concept of health is more concerned with physical and mental health. But more precisely, health has three basic pillars; mental health, social health and physical health. Since every society needs social health for the stability of its society, so its people should be aware of the factors affecting the reduction of social health. According to some studies, social ills include students’ cyberspace and moral corruption. In the verses, great attention is paid to human health, including social health. Perhaps the research on the role of social harms in reducing social health based of Tafsīr Al-Mīzān can be a reason for this claim. Accordingly, the present study has sought to answer the question with a descriptive-analytical method that what the role of social harms is in reducing social health in Tafsīr Al-Mīzān? Findings indicate that factors such as: backbiting, poverty, disrespect for parents, war, indecency, wine and gambling, using ugly titles, suspicion, adultery, gathering wealth, stopping relationship to relatives are effective in reducing social health.


Health; Society; Social Health; Social Harm

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