Impacts of Reconstruction and Restoration of Old Fabric of Yazd City on Tourism Development

Seyed Valiallah Mir Hosseini, Mohammd Reza Montazeri, Somaye Mansoori Zade


One of the main components of economic growth in countries hinges on the dynamism of the tourism industry, as the reconstruction and restoration of old fabrics of cities has been a critical element of old cities. The basic goal of interventional strategies to reconstruct and restore old fabrics and redesign them is to return those fabrics to the life cycle, that can be useful in attracting and activating sustainable tourism of old cities. This study investigates the effects of reconstruction and restoration of the old fabric of Yazd City on tourism development. This study is an applied study in terms of goal, and survey and correlative in terms of method. The statistical population of this study consists of residents of old fabric of the city of Yazd. Data from 384 residents were gathered via cluster sampling, and for this a questionnaire was used. Three measures of reliability, convergent validity and divergent validity were used to explain the fit of the measurement models. Structural equation modeling was also used to analyze the data. Findings revealed there is a significant correlation between reconstruction and restoration of the old fabric of the Yazd City in terms of economic, social, cultural, structural and environmental dimensions and tourism development. In fact, reconstruction and restoration of the old fabric of the city not only strengthens the economic growth but also increases social vitality, promotes cultural standards, rejuvenates the physical structures and improves the environmental situation that would lead to tourism boom. On the other hand, tourism development has a positive impact on reconsecration and restoration dimensions of the city of Yazd.


Reconstruction; Restoration; Tourism Development; Old Fabric; Yazd City

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