The Mastery of the Use of Words by Translators in Religious Texts

Muhiddin Nurullaev


In this article translated versions pf the surah “Mulk” into Uzbek and its original version in Arabic are studied and analysed.  The author of the article is based on the translations of the surah “Mulk” at the XX century made by Mavlavi Khindistani, Oltinkhon Tura, Sheikh Muhammed Sodiq Muhammed Yusuf, Alouddin Mansour and Sheikh Abldulaziz Mansour.  Also he tried to compare various translated versions adequately and set as a base the original version. Comparing translated ayats of the surah “Mulk”, he claimed even the translations were made by specialists and scholars of Islam, they cannot be as equal as the original. In the article the main role is given to the meaning and form of Uzbek translations of the surah “Mulk”.


Holy Quran; Surah Al-Mulk; Ayah, Translation; Translator; Originality; Language of Translation; Word by Word Translation; Arabic; Uzbek; Sentence; Word; Adequacy; Form; Meaning; Unit, Harmony

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