Supporting Factors and Obstacles to School Committee Management in Improving the Quality of Education Services at SD Muhammadiyah Palur District Mojolaban Sukoharjo Regency

Joko Wiyanto, Yusup Rohmadi


The educational problems faced by the Indonesian nation, one of which is the low quality of education at every level and unit of education, therefore special management is needed to improve the quality of educational services. This research aims to investigate the supporting factors and inhibition of school committee management in improving the quality of educational services at Muhammadiyah Palur Elementary School. Qualitative descriptive research methods, data in the form of supporting factors and obstacles to the management of school committees. Data sources of documents and informants. Data collection techniques are carried out by interviewing, observation and documentation. Data analysis techniques use interactive models. The results of the study mentioned that the forms of constraints encountered one of them came from facilities and infrastructure, and not yet the maximum managerial, this is due to the status of schools that are still relatively new so managerially and services have not been implemented optimally. The supporting factors that can support the school program, one of which is the curriculum that refers to the Diknas and the Dikdasmen Assembly and has libraries, school health businesses, and security officers.


Support and Inhibitor; Management; Service

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