Content Analysis of Competences and Scientific Approach in English Textbook

Kurnia Fitri Arifah, Riyadi Santosa, Ngadiso Ngadiso


Textbook is one of teaching sources which serves the material based on the curriculum. In Indonesia, English textbook is provided by the government in order to facilitate the implementation of 2013 Curriculum. This book is expected to be a guideline in teaching and learning process. However, the conformity of the materials in this book to the competences and approach of 2013 Curriculum is questioned. Thus, analysis on the content of the textbook was conducted. This study analyzed English textbook for Tenth grade students published by Ministry of Education and Culture with the title ‘Bahasa Inggris’. The aims of this study were to find out whether the book reflected the competences and approach of 2013 Curriculum and to describe the pattern attribution of competences and scientific approach in the textbook. The research method applied was qualitative content analysis study under the perspective of textbook evaluation. The data were collected through document analysis and interview. The result showed that the materials match each item of core and basic competences. The scientific approach stages were presented implicitly through the activities in the book. For the pattern attribution, attitude competence was incorporated in all activities through all scientific approach stages in this book. Knowledge competence was mostly found in Exploring and Observing stage. Meanwhile, skill competence was mostly found in Communicating stage.


Competences; Content Analysis; Curriculum; Scientific Approach; Textbook

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