The Impact of Translation Techniques toward Translation Quality of Microaggressions Expressions to Transgender in Boys Don’t Cry and The Danish Girl

Kennia Wikanditha, M.R. Nababan, Riyadi Santosa


There are so many American films that use LGBT as the theme now in mainstream media such as Netflix, HBO, and Amazon Premium. Some of those films have been streamed in Indonesia. However, there might be some problems regarding the translated subtitle because Indonesia doesn’t have as many gendered-language as America. This research aims to identify the translation techniques and translation quality of microaggression expressions in Boys Don’t Cry and The Danish Girl film subtitles. Further, this paper also aims to find the difference between microaggressions expressions uttered by male and female speakers. This research uses the descriptive qualitative method. This qualitative descriptive research is an embedded-cased study and product-oriented translation research. The source data of the research are microaggression expressions directed toward transgender in Boys Don’t Cry and The Danish Girl. The data are collected through document analysis and FGD (Focus Group Discussion). The results of this research reveal that there are thirteen translation techniques found in the two films. However, some techniques affect the translation quality of microaggressions expressions in a bad way, which are discursive creation, generalization, and literal.


Translation; Techniques; Quality; Microaggressions; LGBT

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