The Moral Education of Youth from the Perspective of Shahid Motahhari

M.H. Mirzamohammadi, Ghasemabadi Karami Ranjbar, Mohammad Hasan Tajdary


It can be seen from the past that from the very beginning of creation, man has been interested in knowing that he has created himself from a special source that is beyond his power and might. For this reason, he has paid special attention to this issue, because from the very beginning, man has felt dependent on infinite existence, to express his complexes and attitudes with him, and it is difficult to open him. So, with a brief look at the distant past and until now, we come to the point that the inscriptions and tombs show and express the same issue that man from very distant times closed to things like stone, sun, moon, stars, wind, etc., divine documents and his generation. He raised them to respect these sources of power and to attach his children to these powers from generation to generation. Until it was sent, a means of guidance called the divine prophets to direct this kind of religious education and by awakening, the thoughts of the ignorant man showed that the supreme power they seek is God and is not visible. With this brief writing, we will deal with a more general statement in the field of the history of religious education. The research method was the library.


Education; Ethics; Creation; Shahid Motahari

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