Performance Evaluation of Hospital Management Information System (SIMRS) Hl Manambai Abdulkadir on User Satisfaction Using Pieces Analysis (Performance, Information, Economic, Control, Efficiency, Service)

Khairul Fahmi, Zulkieflimansyah Zulkieflimansyah, Shinta Esabella


The purpose of this study is to evaluate the use of SIMRS at HL Manambai Abdulkadir Hospital based on user satisfaction perceptions using the PIECES method with a Likert scale approach and provide innovations so that SIMRS at HL Manambai Hospital can be better. Based on the results of the study, the level of satisfaction in the aspects of Performance was 3.61, which means that respondents were satisfied with the use of SIMRS, on the information aspect of 3.62, which meant that respondents were satisfied with the use of SIMRS , and the level of satisfaction of respondents in the economic aspect was 3.64%, which means respondents are satisfied with the use of SIMRS, the level of satisfaction of respondents in the control aspect is 3.7% which means that the respondents are satisfied with the use of SIMRS, the level of satisfaction of respondents in the efficiency aspect is 3.8% which means that the respondents are satisfied with the use of SIMRS, and the level of satisfaction of respondents on the aspects of service of 3.9% which means that respondents are satisfied with the use of SIMRS. While the innovations that need to be carried out by the hospital in order to improve SIMRS Performance and increase SIMRS user satisfaction are increasing the number of outputs produced by SIMRS, increasing the usefulness of SIMRS in helping the work process so that there are no more physical files that must be filled out manually on paper. before being input into the system, providing regular training from experts formally and being able to clarify the appearance of the menu that looks small on the screen.


SIMRS, Hospital; PIECES; Evaluation; Perception of Satisfaction

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