Rebuilding the Programming of Modern Radio Air

Klimentina Fuzailovna Ismailova


The article examines new trends in broadcast programming as an important component of modern radio broadcasting, provides a comparative analysis of the planning of radio activities at the beginning of the 20th century and the principles of structuring modern radio broadcasting. The types of thematic planning, the "program wheel" model are investigated, their advantages and limiting properties are revealed. The article substantiates the provision on the expediency of considering the time of specific broadcasts (morning, afternoon, evening, night) when programming on the radio in connection with the peculiarities of these parts of the day from the point of view of the audience's time budget; and also consider the changes in the audience during the day, during certain seasons, the differences in their preferences on weekdays, weekends and holidays. The criteria for the successful organization of the broadcast are identified, and recommendations are given for optimizing the program policy of modern radio stations.


Radio Broadcasting; Programming, Radio Broadcasting; Broadcasting Grid; Air Clock; Audience

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