Utilization of Housing Roads as Supporting Recreational Sports

Nuruddin Priyo Budi Santoso, Bagus Kuncoro, Herrywansyah Herrywansyah, Slamet Sudarsono, Ikhwan Iskandar


Residential roads are a program to reduce which can be used for other activities such as cycling or exercising. Residential roads are a phenomenon due to the decreasing number of public spaces that are able to accommodate the activities of their citizens and become social spaces, as well as a form of public "boredness" with city routines. Data collection techniques in qualitative research are needed to obtain research data. Data collection techniques were carried out by observation (observations), questionnaires (questionnaires), interviews (interviews) and documentation. The research results were obtained (1) The forms of recreational sports that are located in the residential area of the new Winong housing estate, Ngringo, Jaten, Karanganyar in 2021 are walking, jogging, old solo bicycles, leisurely bicycles, old school bicycles, elderly gymnastics, aerobics , tera exercise, taiji exercise, mini futsal, roller skating, skateboard, table tennis, badminton blind, parkour, and nunchaku. (2) Public interest in recreational sports is dominated by safety, free of motorized vehicles, and free of pollution. (3) The benefits obtained by the community after doing recreational sports are dominated by benefits as a means of exercising.


Residential Street; Recreation; Sports

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.18415/ijmmu.v9i1.3381


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