Implementation of Vandana Shiva's Ecofeminism in 'Maleficent' Film on Literature Learning

Nuria Reny Hariyati, Tengsoe Tjahjono


This study discusses the content of nature and women in the film entitled "Maleficent". This film with categories for all ages is a deconstruction of the animated film “Sleepping Beauty” with the theme of the meekness of a royal princess. In the movie "Sleepping Beauty", Maleficent is shown as an antagonist with a scary face. On the other hand, in the film "Maleficent" Maleficent is shown as a loving, strong, independent, and motherly figure. However, there is an interesting thing behind Maleficent's figure, although it is described as flattering women, it turns out that the depiction of a strong, independent Maleficent is actually a form of oppression against nature and women. The focus of this research is how the representation of nature and women in the film "Maleficent" in Vandana Shiva's ecofeminism perspective. This study uses the results of this study to show that this film represents the exploitation of nature by humans which goes hand in hand with the oppression of women, so that the liberation of nature must be carried out by dismantling the relationship between men (rulers) and women. Because in various traditions that develop in society, women have a closer bond with nature.


Ekofeminism; Women and Nature; Film; Vandana Shiva

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