Indonesian General Data Protection on Covid 19 Pandemic

Andriyanto Adhi Nugroho


Trading Through Electronic Systems (PMSE) is an unavoidable form of technological development that plays a role in facilitating the human need for the sale and consumption of an item. It is interspersed by the Electronic System Operator known as Marketplace, behind the convenience provided by PMSE vulnerable to potential violations of the personal data of its users who are PMSE consumers in this case Marketplace. This is characterized by an undeniable leakage of personal data resulting from Marketplace's negligence as an Electronic System Organizer. As part of the human rights of personal data is a mandatory right of privacy to be protected. This paper uses normative legal research methods with descriptive writing techniques. Based on these issues and descriptions, this paper is compiled to address existing issues, namely the conception of personal data as a right of privacy and the legal protection of consumers' data. This paper is expected to be a critical reference to consumers' weak personal data protection. To examine and answer the problems that have been outlined in the introduction, in this paper, the author uses normative legal research methods (normative juridical), namely by studying library materials.


Protection; Personal Data; Trading Through Electronic Systems

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